Affiliate Marketing Scams to Avoid. My Experiences…

It is no secret that there are a ton of affiliate marketing networks out there to choose from, but not all affiliate networks are safe to use, and unfortunately, most beginners are targeted by these fake affiliate networks, because:

  1. They just do not know how affiliate marketing networks work
  2. How the concept of advertising online works
  3. What types of products they should promote
  4. What metrics should they look for when seeking to promote a product.


I’ll admit this is true for most people even myself, when I first started out online I immediately got caught up in a scam call ergomoneyac, well of course if you search for it today you will find little to no information about it on the internet, the website no longer exists.


And as though that’s not enough I got caught up in another scam…this time it was a Multi-Level Marketing called FeederMatrix, this also does not exist anymore, but fortunately, there are some websites that blogged about this scam, some even being part of it.


So as you can see it’s very easy to get tricked into paying for something that will not add value to your online success, or affiliate marketing efforts, on that very same note I would like to help you make informed decisions when doing either one of the following things:

  1. You are looking to promote an online product
  2. You are interested in learning affiliate marketing
  3. You are interested in what affiliate products are and how they work.

If one/two or all of the above resonate with you then this blog post was made specifically for, because you know what? I can relate. So…


What Are Affiliate Networks, And Why Are They Important?

Affiliate networks are like suppliers of products in the real world, only they supply internet marketers/affiliate marketers with online products(could be anything from training/software/ebooks, etc) to sell free of charge and they pay them a certain percentage for each sale that they make. Here’s what makes them important…


Usually, in order to be successful online you need some sort of product to sell, affiliate networks have exactly that, they have different vendors of different products in one place called an online marketplace, this is where the vendors then put their products on display for potential affiliates and/or customers to buy/sell.


This is important, because usually when you start online you hardly have enough money to start with, or maybe you do, that’s also okay, but not everybody has the money or experience to be a product creator/vendor.


What this means for you as an affiliate it means you’ll have products to promote and all you have to do is send traffic to the product and make sales/you can also build a squeeze page to capture your prospects’ email addresses.


Basically, that’s how affiliate networks work. Most of these affiliate networks are free, because you are helping someone with traffic, and to charge you for that would be a bit redundant…however you may find that in certain instances such as Pay-Per-Lead programs you have to pay a small upfront cost usually around $10-$25 lifetime.

These, however, work just like affiliate networks, and that’s only to help you maximize your earnings and get the most out of your partnership with them! What that means is that all the person needs to do is sign up with them and they don’t need to buy anything and you get paid a commission usually between $0.50-$4.00 per lead depending on their pricing and selling model.


How do the scams work? They are almost identical, but they are not like affiliate networks.

These usually have in-house affiliate programs, these usually ask you to pay money upfront before you access the affiliate dashboard, or you cannot join them for free. Paid affiliate networks should always make you wary, although there are some legit ones, these affiliate networks should raise some red flags, search for reviews on that particular affiliate network if you are considering to join it.


And then there are Multi-Level Marketing programs usually these programs are referral programs where you usually have people sign up under you and then some of their commissions flow upward and you earn a commission when they refer other people on their downline. FeederMatrix was one such a system/program.

It offered some ebooks with your purchase so that it did not look like a scam, and then they tell you that they can get you free traffic, this is a blatant lie, because people have caught on to how scammy these MLM products are they have changed their focus to making them look more believable & appealing.

Be careful because scammers are getting more clever, know that they are even using https to make these scams look like they are legit, by offering SSL certs on their websites, so be careful and wary of joining any type of commission structure that is multi-level, now I’m not saying upsells are bad, but when you’re being upselled so much before you even reach the program’s dashboard itself, that should also raise some flags.


Which Affiliate Networks Are Legit?

It is not all doom and gloom though, because there some legit affiliate networks out there, some of these networks have been on the online space for at least 10 years and some although new, are very reputable. These are my personal go-to affiliate networks:

  • Clickbank – this is great for niche affiliate marketing and promoting their training
  • Commission Junction – more niche-specific focused
  • Warrior+ – This is great for affiliate marketers, most of the products are Make Money online/ affiliate marketing centered.
  • JvZoo – Also affiliate marketing focused.

Anyways these are my top four affiliate networks(but not limited to) that I personally prefer to use, but you know what? people prefer different things so, feel free to research about other affiliate networks out there and try them for free to see what works for you.

Anyways, hope this was helpful in informing you of the different scams that are out there and how to avoid them, let me know what you think in the comments section and please don’t forget to share ;-).

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Scams to Avoid. My Experiences…

    1. Hi John,

      Nowadays it is kind of hard to come across legit high-paying affiliate programs, like Clickbank, which pays its affiliate 75% of commissions, but I think wealthy affiliate comes pretty close, because it not only pays its affiliate 50% it is easy to recover some money from your google pay per click ads, should you decide to run ads that is.

      The other affiliate programs may pay you higher per sale, but they do not pay you for actions taken on their site, which can severely limit your earning capacity/potential and also it is kind of hard to scale if you’re losing more on the front-end.

      Hope you found this helpful John, and please stop by again…as always. Ciao. 😉

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