Copy Paste Income Review: Scam Alert!

What is this system all about? Who is the Owner?

ewen-chiaCopy paste income is an affiliate product created by Ewen Chia, the owner claims that you can earn over $3000 in a single weekend, of which I beg to differ! So what the system basically entails is that you sell affiliate products, but the way you sell them is unheard of, and a bit ridiculous if you ask me!

The model is a bit unrealistic as it does not even teach you basic things such as SEO or even creating a landing page, so that you can capture people’s emails and promote affiliate marketing products to them.

Who is Ewen Chia? This is the mastermind behind the program, he is a ClickBank Product Creator and also the owner of several affiliate products, because he is so well known for being a successful affiliate marketer(of which he is) people think that the things he teaches to his students work! But this is a mistake because what he teaches used to work, but this is not the case anymore!

Affiliate marketing changes at a very rapid pace, but not the actual model itself, but only the fundamentals such as SEO traffic & lead generation, It now takes longer to rank on Google your content & also has to be relevant to whatever it is you’re writing about!


How Does Copy Paste Income Work? The Supposedly Big Idea to Make You $3052.68…

Well, that’s where it gets tricky & as such you’re told something and yet at the same time nothing, how? Their product sales page is very vague about what affiliate marketing entails or even what they themselves will teach once you purchase this course.

What they will then do, is that they won’t even allow you to try out the program for free like this one right here, anyway this is to be expected! because one thing he understands is the psychology of selling online. Naturally, we are curious beings, especially about things we’re interested in & Ewen Chia figured this out!

This is perfectly targeted at beginners and newbies that have that shiny object syndrome mentality. So what does this program entail? Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 10 free ebooks
  • PDF Rebrander
  • Keyword Spy for keyword research and analyzing competition

That’s pretty much it, this is the whole product! So how do you monetize it and drive traffic to it? That’s simple:

  1. You create a ClickBank account
  2. Use the PDF rebrand to brand it with your affiliate ID
  3. Upload it to Slideshare and other similar platforms

Question! Does that sound like a real business to you? This is just a trick to make some sales here and there(if you’re lucky!), it’s not really sustainable and also automated, you’re gonna have to keep uploading PDFs here and there for this to work…Did I forget to mention that there are also nice little upsells embedded therein? Check it out down below:


That’s why you’ll be upselled some other traffic software which is supposedly designed to help you get website visits, why would you sell a traffic software if what you’re teaching can already drive traffic to offers? That should get you thinking…!


Does Copy Paste Income Have An Affiliate Program?

Of course this system has an affiliate program, in fact, he promotes it within his program, but while there’s nothing wrong with that, this should certainly raise some eye-brows, though he teaches people how to choose a niche they’re interested in, pushing his own products onto them is a bit annoying!

Why would he require his pupils to promote his products, because he’ll be able to earn more, on all the upsells, it’s a great deal for him!

What are some of its upsells? Does it have any?

Yes! a whole host of them as I have already showed you that this product focuses more on selling to pupils rather than teaching! Here is a list of upsells which you can expect within the program:

  • Copy paste traffic – $47
  • Traffic software – $297
  • Website software – $5.96 -11.96/month or annually (GVO hosting)
  • Autosocial cash – $197
  • Affiliate coaching – $9.97 for 7 days

There are more, it’s just that these are the ones we have conclusive evidence on! I mean how incomplete is this system that you had to have such a plethora of products on the side panel of another product you have sold?


What I Feel Copy Paste Income Did well?

This product is not a scam, but the way it presents itself, it comes across as a scam, which I really didn’t like. Anyway here are some of its positive traits:

  1. It teaches the you the concept of affiliate marketing
  2. There a video lessons you can follow
  3. Keyword research will be stressed as important
  4. Social media marketing(let’s call it that!)

The product is not all bad, there are actual steps that every successful marketer takes such as keyword research and social media marketing.


What Really Got Up My Nose, As far As Copy Paste Income Is Concerned…

These are the things I really felt like they were annoying:

  • There were too many upsells
  • Old strategies – uploading a file with affiliat links to Fileshare
  • Spamming social media with your links
  • You’re not taught how to build an email list
  • Outdated training
  • Low Quality videos
  • The flashy cars and jewellery on the sales page

These things really made it look scammy and like he was really laying it on thick! And the Brittany phenomenon, which was exposed as a scam by Philip, you can check out the article here. Embedding things like these in an article, show that someone is just trying too hard to sell their product…



Personally I really think that they could have done with a little less selling and more improving on their training, that’s just my humble opinion.

After Dissecting Copy Paste Income, Here’s What I Think…

This program is not a scam, the man has been earning money online for close to 15 years now, so he know what he’s doing and talking about, but at the end of the day we’ve got to call a spade, a spade!

He dropped the ball with this program, and he’s recently been rebranding and rehashing some of his course and slapping them with a new label, so he’s losing his credibility in my eyes… And I’d advice anyone who is planning to purchase any of his programs otherwise because they haven’t been updated in a while. Anyway…


Here’s my Verdict Concerning this product:


If you feel like I was unfair or bias in my review, or you feel that some like of your questions went unanswered, please drop me a comment down below and I’ll get back to you!

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-Kay 😉

10 thoughts on “Copy Paste Income Review: Scam Alert!

  1. Copy Paste Income seems like it is another shiny object designed for people that don’t have experience online. I used to fall for those unbelievably good looking sales pages that promise riches if I copy this system or push that button. Some times, and that’s a rare thing, there is something of value behind flashy sales pages.

    However, this one is not it. It’s awful to see how people misuse knowledge businesses. Just put a piece of crap in a beautiful paper with a red ribbon and sell. That’s not the way.

    Is there any way to make money with this system, or I should avoid it altogether?

    1. Hi Ivan,

      I think this system really offers little value, because personally I really enjoy high-quality training, but the videos are in Standard Definition for this one, there is no option to switch to HD in order to see things much more clearly, so that’s a problem!

      The sales page is way too hypey, and Brittany was just a hoax, she is in a stock photo for couches, meaning that what he was saying was a complete lie. Anyway Ivan I really think you should definitely steer clear of this program because the techniques taught there are not relevant in the current affiliate marketing landscape.

      I would recommend this product to you instead.

      Hopefully, this answered your question, and please feel free to drop by again soon.
      -Kay 😉

  2. Thank you for this informative review. I’ve heard of Ewen Chi as his name so common in online marketing. I definitely agree this isn’t a product anyone serious about building a sustainable online business should buy. I’ve never heard of the methods he teaches

    1. Hi Kathy,

      The methods he teaches are not for everybody, believe me! They’re hardly profitable, and your business is not really automated!

  3. Thanx for this helpful information. Any product which offers you a way to make money easily is usually suspect.
    Copy Paste income is not attractive to me at all because the support is really not good at all when using the actual product.
    I have been a victim of such products or programs which offered less value and little to no support like the the copy Past income.
    Thanx for making us aware.

    1. Hi Thabo,

      This product is not really relevant anymore, it has even been proven to have a fake testimonial, which really does little to help its cause! anyway from what I garnered is that you have tried the program and never got anywhere with it, correct?

      There are limitations to what you can do with such programs, especially if all they’re interested in is selling you more stuff! Anyway, hope this review will help people like you who are thinking of purchasing this product.

      I really hope there was something I could’ve done to stop you from purchasing this product! But going forward I think this review will help a lot of people.

      Thanks again for stopping by

  4. Hey Kay, once again I appreciate that you look behind the scenes of these products and give us an insider’s look. I think we’d learn more from studying his sales pages! He obviously makes a killing as an affiliate marketer, he’s maybe just not as passionate about teaching.

    By the way, the screenshot you shared with the fancy watches and other photos… Right below that, he talks about why people sent him those gifts: Because he was sending them insane amounts of traffic and they wanted him to continue sending traffic to THEM instead of others. That part makes total sense to me, actually.

    And I also think it’s that one little detail everyone seems to forget: Traffic. Selling online isn’t that hard (especially not with affiliate marketing) but the reason so many fail is simply because they’ve never learned how to attract THOUSANDS of visitors.

    1. Hi James,

      I definitely agree, the guy does make a killing with affiliate marketing, but I really did not like the fact that he offers low-quality products to his customers…

      The upsells weren’t really doing him any justice. I agree that part made sense, but the problem is he’s overselling the product, and di you check out the stock photo post made by Philip proving that Brittany was just a fictional character from a stock photo, who knows, she might not even exist! And I agree getting a lot of traffic is definitely possible if you set your website up correctly, and optimize it for SEO.

      Selling online definitely isn’t that difficult, affiliate marketing is the #1 method of preference for most people earning online, others might do arbitrage and domain/website flipping, but most actually prefer the former because you not only have products available for you to promote at affiliate networks, but you’re also less likely to deal with product deliverables and the like…all you have to do is one thing, which is to send the traffic.

      The model he’s suggesting is not unfeasible, as this has been proven over & over, but his sales page is a bit too hypey, is all! Thanks for taking the time out to read through this review James, hope to hear from you soon.
      -Kay 😉

  5. Hi Kay, thank you for this in-depth review. I didn’t know this company before and I didn’t know about Ewen Chi either, so it sounds suspect to me immediately.

    To be honest, the feeling that I had while reading your review is that there is one person who really knows how it works and its #1 audience are newbies who don’t know what they are doing. He knows, like you said, that shiny objects catch up the attention, and that’s why newbies are vulnerable. I hope they will all find your review so that they don’t get trapped!

    Personally, I think there is a better solution to learn affiliate marketing and make money online. I hope many people will find it: Wealthy Affiliate! I’m so happy I found this platform. 😀

    1. Hi Audrey,

      To tell you the truth the guy is very successful, why? because his products used to work in the early 2000s and SD was the best anyone could do, the videos are in standard definition(can’t fault him for that)!

      However times have changed and we now have HD, but it seems that copy paste income hasn’t quite caught yet. To be honest some of the methods that are taught there are so old that when I tried this back in 2014, I just didn’t work…it was one of those first products I tried out and made nothing from!

      I was a newbies back then, and now it makes sense to me why anyone would buy this product, like you said it would be for one of the following reasons:
      1. You’re still a newbie at online marketing
      2. You have the shiny object syndrome(always looking for the latest loophole to make money online)

      Unfortunately, it’s sad because none of those things are that relevant anymore, it’s a known fact that people prefer video over ebooks, so now ebooks are only good to use if offered as a bonus on a website…

      Selling with affiliate links embedded in an ebook is a long short (it’s great for building backlinks, but not for selling anymore). On that note, wealthy affiliate is a great product, it has great training but they’re forthcoming that you won’t make a sale until maybe your third or sometimes 6th month & sometimes it takes longer…however, they let you know this from the onset of your training.

      Hope this was helpful, and great hearing from you again Audrey.
      -Kay 😉

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