Is Clickbank University A Scam or Is It Legit?

I realized that when most people start out online they will usually start by trying to find ways to monetize their content, most of which along their research they will likely meet someone promoting Clickbank products. In this review, I will be unraveling both the positives and negatives of using ClickBank, and we’ll be asking the question…is Clickbank University a scam or is it legit?

So What is Clickbank University 2.0? What makes it different from the Affiliate network?

There are some misconceptions about these two, I’ll be dealing with the actual university, where it’s more focused on training, its affiliates and product creators, then I’ll be clarifying what the affiliate network is. So what is the Clickbank Affiliate Network?

Clickbank’s affiliate network is where product creators actually submit their product to be promoted by other affiliates on the Clickbank marketplace, independent of their training and a product creator may already have a product, all they have to do may be to submit it in their Marketplace.

So What Is the University? And Why 2.0?

The university is different from the affiliate network, in that with the affiliate network, anyone can actually sign up to be an affiliate. However, the university aims to empower people with the necessary skills to build a successful online business, it has tutorials, a lesson plan, this includes support, tools to use and also a number of things such as video lessons & a private forum.

The 2.0 comes from CB Uni updating it’s training from their formerly named Clickbank University.

The differences between these two products are very subtle, but the price between them can speak volumes in clearing misconceptions & any preconceived ideas.

Hope this helped in making the distinction between the two clear, if you’re with me so far, let’s get into the meat of this review.

How does it work? I Admire The Notion, But Not The Motive…

When you get into Clickbank University you’ll be able to access their lesson outline, but the only problem is that you won’t be able to gain access to all the training. You’ll only gain access to the one lesson for that day, then the next and so forth, this happens over a duration of 8 weeks.

You’ll have two paths to go into, plus a full traffic generation module, namely:


Affiliate marketing => This is where you will promote other people’s products that are already available in their marketplace, you only have to create an affiliate account and then you’ll be taught how to build a website using the tools that they recommend, and from there you monetize it using their affiliate network.

Product Creation => In this step you are going to be taught how to create an action-packed course(although some create absolute garbage), and then you’ll be taught how to promote it.

Traffic Generation => The meat of every business is traffic, and Clickbank has a separate module for generating super-targeted traffic to your offers

The lesson outline is methodological & easy to follow, and although they’ve made their training easy to follow, they lock some videos so that you can be able to complete them in order, so you don’t feel overwhelmed! Although I can understand this sentiment, I think it’s pretty obvious that they want to keep you for more than a single month, so their retention rate is higher on their network.

Like I said, I admire the notion and not the motive! Now let’s get into their training…


Does Clickbank University Have An Affiliate Program? Do they?

I know what you thinking, they have an affiliate network and a University? Come on, something smells fishy here! Like I said at the beginning of this post I will be answering that one burning question that I know you’ve been meaning to ask other affiliates but did not know how to approach it, which is: “is Clickbank University a scam or is it legit?”…

To be honest Clickbank university has an affiliate program, but it is within their own marketplace, but I guess you already knew that, so…

How is the commission structure?

Well, this is where it starts to show some nasty colors! They have a funnel where they actually upsells you some of their other products,w hich is:

Access to CB University => Monthly membership to access their training – this costs about $47/month, but then they’ll pull a fast one on you with tax fees. They’ll let you foot that bill like the membership price is not enough so your $47 will quickly turn to $54/month instead of $47/month. This is what really made me loathe it a little!


CB Builder 2.0 => this is a funnel builder that allows Clickbank Affiliate build high-converting funnels, but there are free alternatives to this plugin such as: Elementor , Thrive and a host of other. -it has unlimited hosting, so that’s a plus. – Costs about $547

Advanced training Case Study=> This option gives you access, to their free PDF & video guide that will teach you of various ways to get consistent traffic to your website with ean mphasis on email marketing. – $97 once-off

These are their pricing points by the way, so once you make that $47/month purchase,w hich is actually $54/month. What enraged me a bit was the fact that they’re not forthcoming about the whole thing, that you’re going to have to pay extra on products(in South Africa, all prices are final!)…

To be honest, I ‘m not really a fan of upsells & if you’ve encountered my reviews at one point you’ll realize that these words are still in force, they do not discriminate.


What Is Their Training Like? Dope For Product Creators & Not For Affiliates…

I think that their training is superb, but only if you want to be a good product creator. I’m not saying that the training is terrible, I’m just saying that it really focuses a lot on product creators.

Sure they teach you how to generate traffic, which we know is essential for both affiliates and product creators, so anyway here’s what you can expect to get whenever you purchase their training.cb-aff-training

Affiliate Lessons outline summary over the course of 8-weeks, each with a pre-determined lessons:

  • Week 1: Affiliate marketing on CB
  • Week 2: Understanding Affiliate Marketing
  • Week 3: Finding your passion
  • Week 4: The Ultimate Funnel
  • Week 5: Free, Free, Free & always Over Deliver
  • Week 6: Writing The Perfect Swipe
  • Week 7: Email Blueprint
  • Week 8: Scaling and Expanding
  • Bonus: Running affiliate promotions

The bonus module, is where you’re actually taught how to run successful pay-per-click ads, this is where you’ll be getting into paid traffic,a nd getting it to convert to sales, using the steps already outlined in the previous weeks, but only if you followed their training to the T.

Product Creation over a 12-week course:

This is where you are taught how to create a product, and market it, using various channels. The lesson outline for this part of the course is as follows:


  • Week 1: How Everything works- setup for success
  • Week 2: Finding the perfect product
  • Week 3: Creating your avatar
  • Week 4: Course content creation & Outsourcing
  • Week 5: Perfect Upsell to maximize sales
  • Week 6: High converting sales copy
  • Week 7: Easy VSL
  • Week 8: Finalizing your product via Builder etc
  • Week 9: Getting on Clickbank
  • Week 10: Joint Venture managing
  • Week 11: Split Testing
  • Week 12: How to scale
  • Bonus – Selling High-ticket Products on webinars

Like I said that this version of the training is for product creators, it’s also for people that want to learn how to scales their onlline business by selling their own products and have affiliates do the promotions for them.


Here’s What Really Captivated Me About Platform…

I liked the way their training vides were laid out, it really took out the guess work out of trying to figure out where to start with your training. What else?


  • High-quality training videos
  • It has an active forum
  • The Clickbank builder makes it really fast to get started out with building your funnel.
  • Hosting included
  • They teach you how to build an email list
  • Traffic generation – delves deeper into each traffic generation method.
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee is a pretty sweet deal too – absolutely no hassles if you ask for your money back.

As you can see there are some nice perks that come wtih their training, however, I feel like there are places where they totally could have done a lot better… I also want you to keep that question that we asked at the beginning of this article, which is: is clickbank university a scam or is it legit, because the succeeding headlines will definitely put that into perspective…

What Could’ve They Done Better To Ensure Long-term Sustainability? Room for Improvement…

There are some things that beginners should definitely understand better, before actually venturing into paid ads, such as google analytics, but in order to do this you must actually be getting some traffic from you SEO efforts, but ClickBank, touched too lighly on this subject.

  • Their SEO needs work
  • Other upsells  not included in their existing ones -like domain names
  • No keyword tools, or any keyword research done.

I’m not saying that it’s a horrible product, in fact, it’s one of the good ones however, if they could have improved on those things, that would have given their students a huuge leg up on their competition.


Is Clickbank University A Scam Or Is It Legit? My Final Thoughts…

I think that anyone that has closely examined all the positives and negatives of this product will reach the same conclusion, which is Clickbank is not  really a scam, it’s legit! Else their affiliate network will be bought into disrepute.

It has room for improvement as with any other product out there, however, I think that it still does a great job of helping people generate a consistent and steady online income.

Here’s my Verdict on this program.


Anyways, let me know what you think of their university in the comments section down below, and I’ll definitely get back to you.

P.S Don’t forget to share this post across all you social media platforms. 😉

Product Name: ClickBank University 2.0
Overall Ranking: 69 Out Of 100
Price: $47/month, which becomes $54/month + Upsells
Skill Level: Beginner – Advanced
Verdict: Legit

2 thoughts on “Is Clickbank University A Scam or Is It Legit?

  1. Thanks for breaking down the difference between ClickBank U and an actual affiliate platform. Overall, I think the whole thing is legit, but I haven’t tried and tested their courses. It’s not cool to see what they do with the membership, but if it’s ok as you say, I can swallow that. What’s your opinion on Advanced training? Is it worth of the price?

    1. Wassup Ivan,

      I think that it is worth the price, I’m personally not a fan of upsells, since I feel like the program is incomplete in a way! So it really depends on how much the individual is willing to put in or invest at the end of the day, although such a high-priced program isn’t usually what I would recommend unless it exceeds the quality.

      So for me personally anything with a score higher than 65 out of 100 is worth the price, so when Clickbank’s combined score is equivalent 6.9 that means that it meets the criteria standard(although barely). I personally recommend wealthy affiliate above most programs out there…

      It’s really what I recommend for people who aren’t willing to burn a hole in their pockets, because believe me these upsells can add up quite quickly! So for me personally it’s really not for me, but you may find that some people prefer their training…so it’s a potatoe, potaatoe situation!

      Anyway hope this was able to answer your question Ivan, look forward to hearing from you again.

      -Kay 😉

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