Is ViralMarket Legit or Is It A Scam?

Product Name: ViralMarket
Overall Ranking: 6 out of 100
Price: $0 Lifetime
Owner/s: Unknown
Skill Level: Beginner(wants to scam beginners)

What is ViralMarket & is it legit? Who is the founder thereof?

This is an online platform that supposedly pays you around $2 per click…like really? Don’t worry there are more lies that they will tell you, like how you’ll receive $25 just for joining their online platform. This scam is a bit clever because it in a way emulates the real online business model(affiliate marketing), the only difference is that it has no product to sell, unlike affiliate networks.

The program’s claims are so unrealistic, that you are promised to get paid such ridiculous amounts of money that when you actually think about it, you’ll see a number of red flags:

You basically get paid $25 for signing up(how kind)
Get paid $2 per click, this also emulates the pay per lead model(notice I used the word “emulate”)
For subscriptions to their products you get paid $30(lies)
Another $50 for shooting a youtube video(give me a break!)


And to top it all off you don’t have to do much to get this money, you only have to refer about 5 people, get 20 clicks and complete 4 $30 offers on the offer wall. Sounds rad doesn’t it? Alas, it’s a scam!

Another red flag was, who is the founder of this program? Well, I was curious about this too but only after I had stopped signing people up with this scam, and yes, I was taken by this scam too. Heck, “if I told you the number of scams I joined before finding what works…you wouldn’t believe me…”

I was assigned an account manager by the name Sandra Elsen with her skype details and everything, you see, they put so much effort into this scam, you’d think they’d invest that much effort designing the real thing. What’s sad is that the person that runs the system hides behind other people’s pictures & identities in order to conceal themselves and avoid public detection.

What are people really expected to do?

When you get to their website you’ll see a dashboard with a few menu items on the side such as:

  • Overview – this the section that shows you all the activities you have completed on their site, “how wonderful”
  • Refer & Earn – Will show you the usernames of the people you have referred to the system.
  • $30 Task Wall – This is where you will be redirected to a host of cellphone subscription services and it’s mandatory to sign up to 4 before you actually cash out your first check(or so they say).Viralmarket-banner
  • Promotional Post – Where you’ll make a promotional post to people on any social media platform
  • Youtube submission – You’ ll post a video about their site on youtube(get people to advertise for you free of charge)
  • Instagram Bio – post your referral link to your Instagram bio for $50
  • Snapchat shoutout – this is where they ask you to do some pretty unethical things, like posting a screenshot that they already have prepared for you, to post on facebook.
  • Rewards Center – they will have all manner of gadgets that you can win, only if you make a specific amount of money. Funnily in order to win them, they use a point grading system instead of money.
  • Video Proof videos – these are people who have been taken by the system but have never been able to withdraw their earnings, they think they will get paid. They could also be actors they found on Fiverr.
  • Payments – This is where it shows you how much you made, pending payments, and when they’re scheduled, etc.

You see, care has been taken to make it as  deceptive as possible, I can’t control what you’re going to do with this information, all I can say is be careful when you’re getting involved with viralmarket, why? because it’s an information harvesting scam, out to get your email address passwords & phone numbers.

So you can also see that it promises people massive amounts of earnings, and who wouldn’t be enticed by the prospect of earning so much money so easily? I know I did!


The referral program and how you can cash out(supposedly) your earnings

So here’s what you’re promised whenever you decide to take action on their website and follow it as it laid out:

  • You earn $2 per click for people just visiting their site
  • earn $10 per person referred + $2 for the click= $12 per person who joins
  • $30 per subscription service completed on the offer wall.
  • $50 for each posted video on youtube


They have 2 payment methods, which is Bitcoin and PayPal, but this really does not matter because either way, you’re not going to get paid. What’s worse they didn’t even have any sort of training on their platform. At least it’s free to join though, so that’s a plus.


What did I like about the platform? Is it legit, somehow? Of course not!

I like the fact that it has at least 2 payment gateways it gives its affiliates a choice:

  • It’s free to get started
  • It is not MLM
  • Banners are really converting.

As you can see, just as a broken clock is right at least twice per day so is this program OK in some areas, because no matter how well it converts, if nobody is going to get paid why bother joining ViralMarket? Why bother?

The many many wrong things with this program…

There are a lot of factors I take into consideration when analyzing the cons of any affiliate or referral program, and unfortunately, viralmarket has a lot of those:

  1. Hate to point out the obvious, but it’s a scam
  2. Does not pay its affiliates
  3. No product to sell
  4. Does not teach it’s affiliate how to send traffic to their offers
  5. No support
  6. No community support from other members
  7. Can’t contact the owner & he’s also not known
  8. They do not teach you how to build a website
  9. There is not training whatsoever
  10. No squeeze page builder to follow-up with prospects (still pointless)
  11. Sell user’s data to third parties

There are more(cons), of all the scams I’ve encountered this one definitely takes the cake for a number of reasons because:

  • It not only wastes your time, but it requires you to get more people in the program
  • It sells your data

Usually scam would get you to buy something, and the try and upsell you more and products, and once they are done with you they’ll discard you, but not this, as though it’s not enough to Not pay you, get you subscribed to their subscription services, they have to sell your data to more scammers and telemarketers(we all know how annoying those can sometimes be).

This is the Scam of all Scams.


What are my final thoughts about this program?

This program is a complete waste of time, don’t bother with it…Here’s my verdict:

Anyways, thanks for reading this review to the end & remember to comment, I would definitely like to hear your thoughts about this program…and as always remember to share on social media. Kay out. ;- )

Product Name: Viralmarket
Overall Ranking: 6 out of 100
Price: $0 Lifetime
Owner/s: Unknown
Skill Level: Beginner(wants to scam beginners)

6 thoughts on “Is ViralMarket Legit or Is It A Scam?

  1. This sounds like a nasty MLM to me. Getting paid 25 just to join, $50 to shot a video, $2 per click! Man, if it were that easy to make money online, everyone would be doing it. These guys are praying on gullible newbies. I used to be one, but after some time, and a few scams, I developed a BS detector for sites like Viral Market. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. Viral Market is a pure scam if you ask me.

    1. Hi Ivan,

      You have no idea, you know what the funny thing is, I had already gotten my friends to join this scam! And then I had to go back to them with my tail between my legs & tell them that it just didn’t work out.

      Can you imagine the shame? Man this was definitely the last straw, after this I then decided to build an online business right then and there, I knew about wealthy affiliate, I just took their training for granted, but I eventually got serious.

      Fast-forward a few months later, here we are, anyways be also on the lookout for their video testimonials on youtube, it also masquerades under a lot of names and in various guises, names such as: referralPay, cloutpay or Viral dollars, just to name a few.

      Hope this will help you avoid the other variants of this scam. Peace! 😉

  2. “Scam of all scams” I think that sums it up pretty well! I’m glad I read your review before getting involved with this. Just when I was asking myself “why would they go through all this trouble” it’s like you read my mind and explained the whole scam behind it: They only want our data, email, and phone numbers… So they can then sell this information and make money off of us. From what I understood, it’s also virtually impossible to get paid because they have so many odd requirements to unlock payment. Not to mention it would be completely unethical to suggest this platform to others! Great review, thanks for highlighting all the dangers so clearly.

    1. Hi James,

      I really appreciate the fact that you took the time out to read through this review, this scam is definitely one of the most uncommon scams I’ve ever seen, which makes it all the more dangerous for the beginners as it will take their details, and because they got the information by fraud, they’ll definitely list their members’ emails and other details on cheap email lead sites and the like.

      It’s also more dangerous because they got your tens(cellphone numbers) and they can sell this data to telemarketers, it’s not a really ethical practice, this scam would even make facebook blush about selling user data, data harvesting is almost as bad as hacking, the only difference is…well, there isn’t one. Data harvesting is still on the grey area, it’s not yet fully a crime, but it’s not ethical either.

  3. Wow, discouraging! It’s so sad to see some people profit from complete newbies on the web and take their money! Because of these scams, the legit ones have more difficulties to be trusted. It’s horrible. I hope many people will read your review before even thinking joining them!!!
    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Hi Audrey,

      Tell me about it! Sometimes these scammers can make you wonder, like what type of a sick person, invests so much time in creating a scam, if it would’ve taken them the same amount of time to create something legit?

      This only goes to show that people sometimes prefer to scam other people, rather than helping them. I really hope that this article reaches the right audience too because these scams must definitely be eradicated, and if that won’t work, we’ll have to keep bashing them until people see them for what they really are.

      Thanks again, Audrey & hope to hear from you soon.

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