Millionaire Society Review. Can This Help me?

The are Variations of this product! Let me clarify…

Millionaire society without the “s” in millionaire is an affiliate product, there is a similar binary option product called almost a similar, unfortunately, that’s just not going to be the focal point of this review, this website only deals with everything affiliate marketing related. If it(binary option version) does happen to have an affiliate program, I still won’t be reviewing it.

I thought that I should just throw this out there before I even attempt to get into this review! This is a Clickbank product created in the year 2014, well, at least that’s when it first surfaced on the Clickbank marketplace.


What is millionaire society without the ‘s’? Who created this product?

This is a product created by Mack Michaels, he is also the founder of another affiliate product called “Profit Bank”, and guess what? Just like with this product he’s making bold claims like, you’ll be able to make this much in this amount of time.

The man’s character is questionable, because every honest affiliate marketer out there knows that online earnings are very unpredictable, it will depend on sea of variables, such as the traffic that your site receives…is it targeted traffic ready to make a purchase, or is it cold traffic that is not even interested in what you have to sell.



So basically its an affiliate product that is listed on the Clickbank market, which unfortunately does not live up to the hype surrounding it! What else? Well, the guy is claiming that you can make up to $720 a day in a month! However, I find it funny that he charges so much for the limited values that this product offers.

What can I expect to get with this program? 

You know what I find funny is the fact that you have to pay up to $97/mo for 4 video lessons, and yes I said 4 videos, not modules(but lessons), this is not only infuriating, but can you imagine paying $97/month.

For only 4 videos, that you could have shot yourself? This raises a lot of questions, but that’s not all, there are absolutely no updates made to their training meaning you shouldn’t expect to get any new videos with your purchase.


Listen to how ridiculous their training is, I mean I could’ve created that course and charged you nothing! But here’s hat you get:

  1. How to get 100k visitors in an hour
  2. How to make money on ClickBank
  3. Pinterest profits
  4. Turnkey DFY businesses


These are all videos, by the way, I mean my word, what value(sarcastic voice)…NOT! can I ask you a question why would anyone create a program that has 4 videos and then slap a $97 price tag on it? Does that sound like someone who’s genuinely concerned whether you make a profit or not?


So what was the training like? Haha, you’ve got to read this joke!

So what did their training program have, what made it so special? Well find read on to find out:


  • Your supposedly done-for-you business is a set of PLR ebooks or PDFs
  • Then you use your supposedly 100k visitors in an hour – you’ll have to buy cheap traffic (untargeted traffic)
  • The turnkey business is where you will simply integrate your ebook store with a Paypal button and hope that someone will eventually buy
  • You will also be shown how to get some targeted traffic from Pinterest. – you’ll create a board and pin stuff on it.

Remember that this is all for a whopping $97/month! Is it really worth it, you decide!


Anyways, here are their pricing points and believe me I kid you not!

You will get access to all of their training modules(ooh wait!), their video lessons, rather. You have to pay:

  • $1 for their 7-day trial, of which you will then pay $97/month
  • You will also be upselled to their keyword spy too, which will cost $89.95
  • Pay $4 for 1000 visitors, this will be an ongoing campaign so we’re looking at roughly about  $120 for 30 days

So what are we looking at, by the end of each month, you will be not be making much considering the quality of the traffic, adfly’s traffic is useful for experimentation, this is one of most primitive form of traffic, they do not expect to see your ad that’s #1 and #2 they do not even want what you’re selling!

Imagine if you’re running this kind of training continuously for about a 3 months. It will add up to about $920.85! While there are training platforms that offer better quality training for free, training programs such as Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama and Super Affiliate System 3.0(this one is expensive)!


What do I like about this system? I like nothing about it, to be frank, and that’s quite hard for me to do(not like something)!


This product in a nutshell. It’s very limited in regards to what you can actually do with it, which is almost nothing!

This one actually annoys me the most, because you can get a lot of free training that is better than what their offering to  you, and the PLR  resell products, you can actually get these for about $1 a pop, you can buy up to 30 of these for $30 and their tracking app…it’s completely unnecessary and yet you can use google analytics to track your traffic, and guess what? it’s actually free!

As you can see this was a get rich quick scheme devised by the owner of this product which Mack Michaels, but this product won’t make you a millionaire, No! It will make Mack Michaels a millionaire though!


Here’s my verdict on this program!

This is one of the most unreasonable, overpriced, overhyped programs out there, I mean even FeederMatrix, though a scam offered a lot more than this program was offering.

I’m actually ashamed that ClickBank, reputable as it is! Allowed this program onto their marketplace. There are a lot of products on the CB marketplace cheaper than this program, such as google sniper 3.0 and they can give you a lot more value even with their limited training.


You’ll see that this millionaire society thingy(because it’s not training, in my opinion). It’s a blatant scam, like viralmarket and the like. Anyways here it is:


If you have joined this program before finding this review, or you’re still part of this program tell me how the program has been working out for you in the comments section below. Remember to share. 😉


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