Most Epic Zen Arbitrage Review Ever!


What is Zen Arbitrage? The best in the biz…

I told y’all that this is going to be the most epic Zen Arbitrage review ever, so brace yourself! This is a cloud-based software that allows you to search the Amazon marketplace for cheap books, then resell them via Amazon FBA, then profit the difference…


This is just a shallow explanation of it! It does a lot more than that, as it has a variety of features some of which I will be getting into(later on). There are a number of reasons I personally think that, this software is the “best in the biz”! Here are just some:

  1. It has a 10x bigger database than any similar software
  2. Shows you FBA Amazon offers in real-time
  3. Has a graph & rank history – this permits the individual to see how that particular book has been performing over the course of a 12 month period.
  4. Offers a prep service which allows someone in the location your looking to sell books, to manage your book shipping for you to Amazon, while at the same time making the business passive for you both.
  5. A library of over 50+ training lessons
  6. Includes “live” data pricing – you can’t beat that!

This software is the very definition of ebook arbitrage, of course, there are similar tools out there but they only show you outliers instead of showing you all the data on Amazon FBA. Check out this video below and decide for yourself:

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What makes it unique? What differentiates it from the rest of the other software?

This is one question that actually makes me glad that I’m writing this Zen Arbitrage review, because it not only has a bigger database than other competing software, but it also unlocks 4 ways in which you can earn as a member. Here are some ways you can use this software for banking massive commissions:

  1. Profit by buying cheap ebooks & reselling them on FBA
  2. Buying cheap ebooks and selling their ISBNs
  3. Earn by searching ISBNs and selling them to people that prefer to skip searching the marketplace for profitable ebooks. – Lead liquidation!
  4. Search circumvention feature – allows users to skip right to purchasing the most profitable of ebooks on the marketplace(all the hard work is done for you, all you have to do is sell on FBA)

This is powerful in a lot of ways, because this means that if you don’t have decent startup cash, you can leverage the lead liquidation feature to earn some cash until you have enough start-up cash.


What Makes Zen Arbitrage so epic?

What I really think makes this software outrank the others in the same line of work is the fact that it gives it’s users a number of advantages such as:

  • It allows users to try it risk-free (14-day trial)
  • Offers them the opportunity to earn in multiple ways(Lead liquidation)
  • Takes out all the hard work of manual searching their database by offering high ranking books on the marketplace
  • Very uncompetitive niche(book sourcing)
  • Great support – you get access to a live chat, a facebook group, and the owner’s cellphone numbers
  • The greatest of these was the fact that once you choose the package you want to buy there are no upsells involved – so its a pretty straight-forward process
  • Allows users to export data to a spreadsheet file in CSV format
  • Reveals the lowest possible cost for each book on Amazon FBA.
  • Enables the user to set up price alerts – for when a specific textbook’s price declines
  • Almost all the data displayed is in real-time.


There are many positive things about Zen arbitrage, but although it’s a great product, it still has a lot of flaws, read on to find out what they are…

What Makes It Not So Epic?

Although reselling books for a much higher price is great, there are a few problems that it may present to the people that are actually looking to generate consistent revenue using this model, for example:

  • Book sourcing/arbitrage is very seasonal – so it won’t always be profitable
  • It can get expensive to get started, especially since it requires a significant amount of inventory to get started
  • You can’t capture your leads’ email addresses – as such you’re probably leaving money on the table.
  • It has a short trial period – they only give you 14-days
  • It’s pricey – it is out of the price range of some people.
  • Software can look a bit complicated at first glance

I will agree, those may not be deal-breakers for some people, especially considering the fact that this software simplifies arbitrage to a great degree, however, I feel that it also limits people in earning a stable income as its seasonal!

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How much Does Zen Arbitrage Cost?

Although Zen arbitrage used to initially cost about $79/month and offered to its users a 5-day trial, and it has since upped their trial period to 14-days, with the option to request for an extension from Peter himself.


This product costs $97/month, and you can also decide to include Zen trader, of which the price of both software and browser extension combined will equate to $125/month.

It’s a flat monthly fee with the option of adding other add-ons(won’t be going into them)!


Clearing Any Misconceptions About This Program…

This program is definitely not a scam! But the model is quite demanding and taxing, because to set up your business properly you need to connect with people you may not know, especially if you desire to setup a prep service.

It also requires a lot of capital upfront, so that means that you’re going to have to list a large number of books before seeing anything significant! Not forgetting the fact that books can quickly go out of trend, especially if it’s novels. It can be sustainable in the long term, but it will require a lot of start-up cash – “money answereth all things” with this one!

The affiliate marketing model is a lot more affordable hence I highly recommend it.

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Anyway, hope you found this review helpful, and it’s my sincere wish that it will steer you into the right direction. By the way, don’t forget to share and comment. 😉






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