My Cash Juice Review. [By a member]

In this Cash Juice review we will try to find out a little more about this program, what it entails, how to use it, what exactly you’re expected to do, and a little about the community, hope you’re as excited as I am, because although this program is extremely useful, it also has some serious downsides too!

So what is Cash Juice? Who created it?

Screenshot-72This is an online training platform, which is a bridge between three components, all merged into one, it’s like an underground social media site, which more closely resembles Facebook, only with cheaper advertising and a caring online community of people who actually want to read your posts! Here’s what makes it cool:


  1. You can build a following
  2. There is a rotator, that allows you to more get exposure to your posts!
  3. There is ample training on how to use the platform
  4. Integrated paid to click sites(traffic exchange)
  5. It allows you to earn credits & to advertise other online businesses you might be engaging in.

So, yeah it does have some nice features, what disheartens me the most is that though it has all these great features, the income potential is severely limited – unless you start referring other people. So, who founded it anyway?

The name of the man is Darren Merrett, he’s been on the online space for quite some time, he doesn’t promise that you’ll be making thousands! But he does promise that you’ll make a consistent income passively.

How do you use it as a free member? And what are the limits imposed…??

You will be able to use most of its features, especially the more important ones, like being able to build following, and making posts, but there will be some restrictions imposed, of course. How do you use it? Watch the video below:

Watch on Youtube

So as a free member, you cannot promote your profile link, but you can only promote your affiliate & funnel links, there are other such restrictions imposed on free cash juice members such as:

  1. Only up to 200 people can follow you
  2. You’re not allocated free monthly credits
  3. No earnings for ads (ad commissions)
  4. No geotargeting (this is a very powerful feature!)

Although it has a free option, there are a lot of things that one misses out on, such as doubling your followers. You’re going to have to go premium or pro in order to leverage the full power of it!


What makes it worth your time?

This is specifically for those people that are still trying their hand at this “online thing”, if you’re not good at driving traffic, it may be a huge confidence booster to see your first 1000 hits on your link. However, like I said the traffic is extremely cold, and it needs you to keep in contact with them every day via email…

This is included in Cash Juice’s pro plan! The leads, or the people that come into the program by clicking on your link are automatically followed-up with by the system, so it adds a layer of automation!

It also gets better once you create your funnel! It automates your traffic, meaning you no longer have to surf ads as much just to get a 1000 hits on your link, basically, it teaches you how to be a traffic exchange super affiliate, including cash juice…it’s a powerful mix if done right!


How much do you get for referring others to cash juice? What’s their commission structure like?

It is very simple to understand since there are only 3 membership options, you can use cash juice as either a free member, or as a lifetime member, or as a pro member (recommended to get the most out of it!):


  1. As a free member, you will earn a flat 15% on all referral purchases
  2. As a pro member, you earn also flat 15% on all referral purchases
  3. Lifetime membership is the same as well.
  4. You’ll earn also from the activity of your referrals

Their affiliate program is simple, it is not an MLM-type model, it is the usual affiliate marketing model we are used to, although it’s an in-house affiliate program, meaning it’s not affiliated with any of the more reputable networks. I also liked the fact that there are no upsells after purchasing their program.


What was their training like? It did have a number of limitations…

Their training revolves around their system, so you can’t really say that it’s bad! It focuses on solely helping beginners familiarize themselves with their platform, and how they can get started with building their following and marketing other online products.


There are six videos in total, the first two explaining, what cash juice is! How the system works! Darren will also encourage you to leverage the plan! What is that?

The plan is where you get to build your funnel, by creating accounts with the different traffic exchange sites, after you have successfully created accounts with these different sites you will then get access to your funnel link, this link allows you to promote all these sites using one link. The sites are as follows:

  1. Cash juice, obviously
  2. Traffic adbar
  3. Traffic-splash
  4. And easyhits4U

After integrating your usernames with the cash juice funnel you’ll be able to track which traffic exchange gets great results, then focus on that one, while promoting your funnel, the rest will take care of itself as you continue to make sales. You’ll get more traffic which is equals to (=) more sales!


What I enjoyed the most about this platform…

Although, this program does not teach you how to build a website, that in itself has some upsides! but, what are they?

  • It’s free to get started
  • Easy to get traffic
  • Everything becomes automated, as you refer more people
  • No content creation
  • Autoresponder integrated

Their autoresponder does not help you build an email list, but rather it is solely for the purpose of closing sales with people that are already on the platform, and are referred/following you!

I’m not a hater! But this Cash Juice review aims to tell all…even the cons!

What I felt limited its users is the fact that, you can be followed by up to only a 1000 people even as a pro member(highest level). What else? Well…

  1. You don’t build an email list
  2. Not website building
  3. You have to get the traffic manually – if you don’t surf you don’t get traffic
  4. Hard to make sales with traffic exchanges
  5. It is not scalable

A great platform as it may be, it just does not cut it as an online training platform, it also does not cut it as a home-based business, because the money you can make from the platform is not really significant. It’s perfect as a side hustle/gig and nothing else.


Cash Juice overview! It’s not a scam

Cash juice isn’t a scam, but it is not exactly a place where you are going to be able to replace your income, you can only supplement it to some extent.

You can get amazing traffic from the system itself, it is only a shame that you cannot promote the system to people that are already using cash juice, you’re going to have to funnel the traffic somewhere else. That’s why a website is such a good idea, but alas they don’t teach you how to build and create one.


My verdict about this program is this…


Anyways,  please don’t hesitate to ask any questions which you might have regarding this program, or don’t hesitate to tell me what your experiences have been. Same as always, don’t forget to share with your friends on social media. 😉


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