Sniper Profix Pro Review [latest]

What is Sniper Profix Pro? Should I even bother buying it?

This is a software that allows you to create content, lead magnets and PDFs quickly without the need to outsource all of this work…

This is a cloud-based software that integrates well with WordPress, and promises you, that this software can drive free traffic to your website.

So what do I think of Sniper Profix Pro? I think it’s a scammy product, because there’s nothing special about it! It comes built-in with tracking and analytics, which allows you to track whether or not your site is receiving traffic, or not.

If a person was to ask whether or not they should buy this product I would object! Here’s why…

  • It uses duplicate content
  • This does not relay a guarantee in the long run(a google update might destroy your traffic in a single day)

What I did like though was the fact that it’s easy to use and get started with it.


How does Sniper Profix Pro work?

Step 1:

Everything is laid out in methodological order, so you canbe able to build whatever type of site you’d like to create & this could be anything from eCommerce to affiliate marketing, what the Sniper profix pro will then do is to help you look for content that is trending, based on the keywords that you’re interested in, then it will post these(keyword-related posts) to your WordPress site.

Step 2:

You can also use this software to gather some videos related to your topic of choice, which will then be added to your website posts and pages. This allows you to easily outrank your competition in search as your website will contain a lot of material related to that product or service.

Step 3:

What else? This is really the meat of the program, because this module of the software allows you to create lead magnets quickly using Wikipedia, to use them on your website as your own, and as giveaways to your prospects in your squeeze pages.

As you can see that this product does offer quite a lot of features, but duplicate content may go unabated for a while, but let Google catch on, and see what would be the results(You’ll go from page 1 to page 30).

What are the advantages of using this software?

This software is perfect for people who are still not acclimated to building a website, content creation, and other facets of affiliate marketing or eCommerce! Here are some of the perks of using this software if you’re a beginner:

  • No content creation (a huge time-saver)
  • You learn the constructs of building a successful online business
  • Builds you an email list
  • Ease of use
  • Integrates easily with WordPress
  • 1-click PDF creation
  • Can help you set-up lead magnets
  • Can be monetized with different affiliate offers
  • Domain & hosting are included(as an upsell though).
  • Built-in tracking

This software was definitely created with the beginner in mind, but I feel like there are also severe limitations to this system, because the basics are always very important, it is no longer about just churning out content quickly. Content must provide some sort of value, but if it can be found in Wikipedia for free, does it really carry any value to your prospects? I don’t think so!


What made using this software unattractive & unappealing?

Well, all online products have some shortcomings, this program is also not exempt from this! Some of the things that were really unappealing to me about this software were:

  • There is no trial, to test the software out!
  • It was riddled with upsells and downsells – kind of like a maze of prices
  • Low-quality content(duplicate content)
  • No community support
  • Coaching is sold as an upsell
  • Information may not be as customized as you’d have liked(especially the PDFs)
  • You are going to have to use paid traffic – the system is SEO unfriendly.
  • Email autoresponder costs – not included even with the upsells

The PDF creation module limits image customization for your bonuses. The system is not at all bad, but your online business is very precarious if it’s built using this software. So…

What are their different pricing points? Do they have upsells?

I have such a passion for affiliate, and although I like info products I prefer a very specific pricing model, which is a flat-fee model employed by affiliate products such as Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama, but these newer upselling models can sometimes be annoying. Check out this mishmosh of prices…


Front-End price early bird $22 – lasts for 6 hours:

Don’t worry this is a marketing tactic to get you to sign up to their product quickly, but this gives you access to pretty much everything we’ve mentioned in this review, save everything email marketing related! You’ll only get access to the software.


You’ll also get a 10 site license bonus, with your front-end purchase, but that’s pretty much it, the autoresponder will not come integrated with this system!


Sniper Profix Pro Unlimited Profits Edition $67 – then your downselled to $47

This is their first upsell where you will get everything included with the software, but with an unlimited license.


It allows you to manage more than a single website from their dashboard! The software also includes the option to auto-update content on your site.


Deadliest secret trigger cost $97 then your downselled to $77

This is another clever trick to get people to lose more money with their system, they say that this can supposedly help you make a $100k a year(yeah right)…


Although I don’t share that sentiment, there is some truth to what they’re saying, this is where they’ll actually tell you about email marketing, this is all about setting up an email autoresponder sequence to follow up with your prospects.

It also covers how you’ll  get them into your autoresponder & ultimately your funnel, by using their email lead magnet feature.


Done-For-You money sites $297 – they don’t even lowering the price on this one.

This is another annoying upsell where you supposedly get 20 DFY sites that have been supposedly proven to convert like crazy, yeah…an online uniform, how quaint(sarcastic tone)!


This is where you’ll get 20 different websites that other marketers will also have access to, this makes becoming an online brand very difficult!


$1k Paydays $197 – you will get a downsell to $57

Can you imagine getting another upsell? That is just crazy, who do they think that they were building that funnel for? Warren Buffet? This is crazy….


Remember that, this is all before you reach their membership dashboard or even get access to their software, I’m really not a fan of Mosh Bari’s work, especially considering that this is the third upsell:

  • This is where you are upselled the website domain and hosting! this is probably the most insane funnel I’ve ever seen – website domain and hosting are absolutely critical to the success of any online business.

You can be rest assured that if you do not pay for this upsell you have no online business on your hands. This is a clever trick so they can get to later pay for this after reaching your dashboard.


Commission Jacker $77 – downselled to $57

Gues what there is yet another upsell, how do you like the program so far? Ooh wait! I forgot that by this point you haven’t even seen the membership dashboard yet, but guess what? They’re not done yet, there’s one more upsell(more on that later)…


So what does this one do? What’s in it for them(owners and affiliates)? This one supposedly replicates other successful websites in your niche, it will copy videos and content, to create an almost identical website. You will then pass this information off as your own! So what about that *one* more annoying upsell? Let’s get it over with already…


Sniper Profix Pro License rights $197 then downselled to $147

This is where you get to sell the software as you own, and they will in turn allow you to keep a 100% of the commission…


They’ll take care of the customers inquiries, and they’ll offer them support, and you don’t have to deal with any of them(quite a vicious cycle if you ask me).


How is their support? Do they have an online community?

Support is upselled for another $997 –  and that’s just a little facebook group(think about it), you’re getting charged $997 just so you can gain access to a facebook group! How much did it cost them to create that facebook group? Just a thought…!!


So as you can see that most marketers out there are laying it a bit thick when it comes to this software It is not geared towards helping people achieve success online(although it is!), but it won’t be you! Mosh Bari and fellow associate will be the ones laughing all the way to the bank.

I know this was probably one of the strangest funnels you’ve ever seen this far! If you think this type of aggresive upselling should be discarded, leave me a comment below & remember to share on social media. 😉





2 thoughts on “Sniper Profix Pro Review [latest]

  1. Fascinating! With a name like Sniper, I would expect the product to be awesome. Since I easily fall for hype, I really appreciate your review. Now I know what not to buy. Thank you so much for your research and for posting this article!

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Kind of like google sniper, you’d expect the product/program to be something totally radical…but when you get past their initial front-end offer you’ll be bombarded with nothing but upsells and downsells, and by the time you get to the membership page you already hate the program.

      Mosh Bari’s products are a bit aggressive in that they have so many upsells, that it’s totally ridiculous, I mean 6 upsells after the initial purchase, even Bill gates would murmur.

      Their funnel says a lot about them, which is they don’t have your best interest at heart, else who would do such a thing!

      Anyway, Thanks for taking the time to read through this review hope it was able to help you steer clear of this program.

      P.S Check out my #1 training platform right here..and trust me they have your best interest at heart!

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