The Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners…

So, you have started building an online business, you are starting to see some traffic but now, you’re still concerned about how to monetize your blog, or maybe you’re an already established online marketer just looking for affiliate programs that pay higher OR just looking for more(legit) products to promote with low refund rates.


These are without a doubt, the best affiliate programs for both beginners and established bloggers. Before we get into these programs we need to understand the basic terminology surrounding the internet marketing field, but if you’re already an expert you can skip this part…

Before we proceed if you haven’t read my post about affiliate networks and the different scams masquerading as legit networks, please take the time to read up on that article. So let’s get right into things here…there are a number of different payment models that different networks use to pay their affiliates, we will be looking at these and which ones are the most lucrative, and which ones aren’t.

1. There is the Pay Per Lead Model(PPL)

This is the most lucrative model because you basically get paid to get people to sign up to a specific product, and you will also get paid when someone makes a purchase through your link within a given period of time depending on how long the cookies last in the user’s browser.

This is the model that I personally recommend to new affiliates because it pays more and those leads add up quite quickly over a period of time. And also because, it is easier for people to give up their email than to make an actual sale, but either way you get paid.

You will usually get paid around $0.50 – $4.00 per lead.

2. The Cost Per Click (CPC)

With this model you will get paid whenever you get someone to click on your link, you will usually get paid a pre-determined amount if you send a number of clicks in bulk, for example, you make may get paid $10 for a 1000 clicks on a link.

Or you’ll find that you may get paid $0.05 – $.0.10 per single click, this is also lucrative, but as you can see, the margins are extremely low, but if your website is generating a lot of traffic around 100 000 – 1 000 000 visit per month it can be profitable¬† as time goes by.


3. Referral Model (also known as Cost Per Sale)

This is the most common and most popular payment model used by most affiliate networks and in-house referral programs, this model pays affiliates whenever someone purchases through your referral/affiliate link. This model is fair in its payouts, but also more traditional, because inherently we know, that in order to make money a sale must take place.

These are the different models, if you understand these then we may proceed to the more interesting stuff like which affiliate programs to join.

Below is a list of Referral programs that I feel have the best commission structures…

Most of these are in-house and may not be available to promote through affiliate networks.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

This is an affiliate marketing training website, it has its fair share of flaws but their affiliate program is one of the best I have ever seen, it not only pays it’s affiliates 50%, it is also a pay per lead(PPL) model, what this means for its affiliates is guaranteed returns on their ads.

What I mean by that is, even you refer just about 50 people a day, you will be credited a $1 commission, so by just referring 50 people who bought nothing, but just signed up to wealthy affiliate, you get a commission. There is a catch though, you can only get paid $1 for every lead if you are a premium member.

Their affiliate program is free to join, but you have to upgrade to get some of the major perks that make this affiliate program unique.

2. Super Affiliate System(Clickbank Product) – Cost Per Sale

This is a training platform that teaches you how to build a stable income online using paid ads and Clickbank offers, I know it sounds basic, but here’s what I like about this program.


  1. It’s a ClickBank offer meaning it has a 60-day money-back guarantee
  2. It has low refund rates
  3. Is a high-ticket program goes for about $997

It is also an in-house affiliate program, meaning it can also be advertised by their affiliates within their system. Of course, it is not easy to sell a high-ticket product on the front-end. It’s transparent about the cost though, so that’s pretty cool.

3. My Lead Gen Secret – CPS

This commission structure is easy to classify as simply the traditional model, but that couldn’t farther from the truth because, although my lead gen secret is a strictly in-house affiliate program, you’ll find that the payment model is completely out of this world.myleadgensecretlogo

This is not only an online program that can only be promoted by people who have actually bought the program(the catch), it costs $60 for the initial setup, but then $30/mo. It pays 5-levels deep, what does that mean? let me show you how it works:

1. You get paid $5/recurring for your direct referrals, and another $5 if your referrals buy a master email swipes upsell
2. $4 on your referrals’ referrals
3. $3 on the third level
4. $2 on the fourth level
5. And $1 on the fifth level

As you can see, their commission structure is actually attractive, but what I like is that there is no commission passing up from you downline or anything like that, you only pay your membership, your referrals get paid the same without any hassle.

Legendary Marketer – Cost per sale

This also is strictly an in-house affiliate program, we all know that legendary marketer has different price points and as such logically, there will be a hybrid-like compensation plan. As a legendary marketer affiliate you get paid 60% on all basic memberships(non-high-ticket) ones and then $40% for all the high ticket ones.

Of course you do have to actually buy the courses in order to become an affiliate to their different price points, but relax, you can also get paid as a free member, the commissions will drop drastically, but you can still get paid, and you can sign-up as an affiliate for free.

Here’s Legendary marketer’s pricing points and their compensation plan:

comp-planSo as you can see their affiliate program pays out quite handsomely too, so there is no guesswork, and I must admit their training is also isn’t that bad, in fact it’s great, but what do I know? Anyways you can decide for yourself which one of these resonates with you best.

That’s it! tell me what you think in the comments section, and if you feel like there is an affiliate program that I may have left out, feel free to tell me about it and I’ll make it a point to check it out. Thanks for making it this far in the post and don’t forget to share.

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