The Builderall Affiliate Program *Lucrative*


This is perhaps one of the most underrated products out there which is quite funny because, to be frank, this is one of the best squeeze page builders out there! It also has one of the most attractive affiliate programs out there, of which I will get into [just read on]…

Whatever it is you need to know about the builderall affiliate program, believe me, I’ll be covering it in detail! And real quick, if you feel that some of your questions were not answered, just drop me a comment in the comments section down below. Now, let’s dive right in…

So what is Builderall? And who really owns it?

This is a squeeze page creator which has a number of perks because it’s like thrive theme editor, only better! Because it offers you the opportunity to create a website using WordPress, & you can build your websites fresh out the box!

If you do not have the technical know-how for creating a squeeze page or building a funnel, I can assure you that they certainly have your back! They will offer you free training on how to use it more effectively, how to get the most out of your overall experience with it!

So who owns it then? What is his name? The owner of this illustrious system is Erick Salgado, he spent several millions of dollars creating developing this platform, Builderall also happens to sponsor a sports team(just don’t remember the name).

So actually Erick isn’t a very technical guy, although he does have average computer skills as you will see below in this video:

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As you can see, the man is not actually a computer genius, but he created a software that people of all levels can actually use to rank their websites, funnels and squeeze pages! What I do like about this software is that it also comes with training, simple as it is…


So what does Builderall really do?

Like I said, this is a software that is compatible with any PC, and or newer mobile devices, it allows users and non-techies to develop their websites, this can be any type of website, sales funnel or squeeze page! It is very simple to use, plus it has a nice set of features such as:


  • Email & Autoresponder – this is very self-explanatory, but it allows you to follow-up with your prospects, in order to make sales
  • Web-Builder – allows you to create an online presence!
  • Launching webinars – it allows to use pre-built webinar templates in order to create
  • Builderall SEO – this allows your websites to rank on Google and the other search engines
  • Build eCommerce stores
  • Payments gateways integration
  • Built-in analytics & tracking software
  • SEO-friendly – this allows your website to rank on google.
  • Free personalized hosting

This right here is the complete affiliate marketing package, if you’re like me, you probably an affiliate marketer at heart, rather than a product creator, but as you’ll see in this review you’re not limited to being an affiliate marketer, you can also build an e-commerce website!


How much does it cost to become a member?

Builderall has a number of different pricing points, these however offer different services, but before I get into what their different prices are, I’d like to say that, this actually one the most affordable website builders out there…

Second only to WordPress! So here are their different pricing points:



The web presence version of this software comes with hosting unlimited support, their drag-n-drop website builder- this includes features such as blog builder, which allows you to quickly add pages and post to your website/funnel and/or squeeze pages. – Only costs $9.90/month

The Digital marketing version offers you everything that you will ever need as a marketer, as it comes with free SSL certs, not only that! It also has a built-in autoresponder called mailboss, this plan allows you send an unlimited number of emails. – Costs $29.90/month

The Builderall Business plan – This version is especially great for eCommerce sites, as it comes with everything in the Digital Marketing plan included…plus, You’ll also get access to their script generator tool, which allows you to quickly customize your emails, with information that is relevant to your website. – Costs $49.90/month


How does it pay its affiliates? Is it free to join?

How does the builder affiliate program work? They utilize a points system, this allows you to move up higher in their earnings ladder. There are qualifying points for each level of their affiliate structure, don’t worry it may be complicated, but certainly not like the other affiliate programs I mentioned in this post, but the logic is almost the same.

There are 3-levels up, not like the MLM-style affiliate of marketing, but this allows you to unlock more earnings, they are not passed up to people above you or what-not…none of that fluff! Here’s it is in a nutshell…


There are 4-levels to your affiliate status

  1. Affiliate F0(ZERO) – has zero points (meaning they’ve sold nothing so far)
  2. Affiliate Silver – has 180 points
  3. Affiliate Gold – has 347 points
  4. Affiliate Platinum – has 485 points


So you’ll earn 3 pts on the dollar, for every personal plan you purchase on their platform, you’ll also earn a point for every $1 purchase on their plans.

What also intrigued me was the fact that you can actually make 100% on any personal sales and you’ll make $20.00 recurring per month – only if you’re an affiliate silver or up.

Plus there is a retention bonus – this means that if your referrals have been on their platform for more than 3 months you’ll get paid a retention bonus of $15…check out the illustration below:



What else? In order to join their affiliate program, you have to pay an annual fee of $50, which would make a lot of people skeptical, but believe me, this is not a scam! If you don’t believe me check out this testimonial, and I’m not talking fake screenshots or anything of that sort, but an income report from one of their affiliates.


How can I cancel my Builderall subscription?

Some people may sometimes that this software is not really for them, because $69.90 per month may seem like its a lot. I know how I felt when I started my online journey…it felt like I was the one that was always losing the money, and the people that were selling products to me were the ones making all the money…

I stuck with it and 5 years later, here I am! So for those people who feel like the builderall affiliate program , or the product itself is not for them, just check out this video below on how you can actually cancel your membership

Watch on Youtube

I think that everything with this system is quite easy to understand, and it’s also easy to cancel your membership which is a good sign, because with scammers you would usually have to e-mail them to cancel your membership, only for them to drag their feet for months, and all this while you’ll be losing some serious dough!

Anyways, thanks for reading through this post, please make sure you share this post with your friends, and I invite you to visit this site again. 😉

2 thoughts on “The Builderall Affiliate Program *Lucrative*

  1. Builderall looks like complete platform. I really liked that they have built in traffic tracking applications as well as email and autoresponder. I think that everyone who blogs today have to have a proper email strategy. It is proven way to grow more traffic.

    I will definitely have a closer look on Builderall.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Strahinja,

      This platform is definitely something else, their training may not be the best one out there, but it is still up there with its more recent contemporaries. I would also like to say that the best thing about their platform is definitely their affiliate program.

      It may be a bit difficult to grasp at first, but after going through the earning simulation, a person may gain a thorough understanding of how it works, this can be very powerful in the long run…

      Especially, if you’re someone that’s looking to scale your online business, or simply looking for a decent affiliate product to promote.

      Thanks for taking the time out to drop me a comment, hope you stop by again soon. 😉

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