The James Jordan Affiliate Program…$2 Per Lead?


This is a paid lead generation service, it incorporates the owner’s name in its brand hence James Jordan Affiliate Program! So is this program even suitable for beginners? I think so for a number of reasons which I will get into as I progress through this review(bear with me)…

He uses the Pay-per-lead model, if you don’t know what this model entails I urge you to go read my best affiliate marketing programs for beginners post, it deals with all the different models extensively, on this post I’ll only be summarizing the information built on that post. So let’s dive in…


Who is James Jordan? He’s an Internet Marketer…


He’s an affiliate marketer with a very huge list(ever, heard the saying the money is in the list?)! He’s been Internet marketing for a very long time, heck he’s been internet marketing for so long that, even products like My Advertising Pays are in the list of products you can promote with his system…

If you don’t understand how long that is, just type “My Advertising Pays” in the google search bar, then move on to the videos section and look at the dates, you’ll see videos in the 2014-2016 range. Anyway, he’s willing to pay per lead because he understands that each and every single lead can be an asset, in the long run, especially considering that he specializes in lead generation!

He is also the owner of, where he sells solo ads to people, his solo ads consist of different traffic packages where he sends a pre-determined number of clicks + 10% more for a specific price! His list is super-responsive, in that they’re likely to convert to sales!

Enough about the man! Let’s find out about his affiliate program, how it can help beginners & also be mutually beneficial in the process…


Why does he have an affiliate program where he’s willing to pay $2 dollars for a single lead?

Think about it, how often does one lead buy from people they trust? More likely than ever, they buy more than once, and remember that this in the MMO niche, some marketers need leads and he’s got them! but he can’t just keep promoting his(different) offers to the same prospects over and over again. So what he does is, he looks for more leads to add to his list on a regular basis…

The only way he could do this is by either sending more traffic to his website, or get other people to send more traffic to him, so what he does is that he sets up an affiliate program, where he will pay an affiliate $2 for a double qualified lead…

What’s a double qualified lead? These are leads that have opted into his squeeze page and also confirmed their email addresses by clicking on a link that James sends to them. As you can see it’s a very clever way for him to keep getting subscribers and keeping his business going, and at the same time ensuring that the leads he gets are fresh & responsive.

What this means for the internet marketer(with a website that is), is that they can promote this product with paid ads and still be able to make a full-time income, it’s a pretty sweet deal if you think about it! This is both beneficial to the beginner and also to him as the creator of the product.


So who can promote James Jordan’s Affiliate program?

I like this affiliate program because it’s very flexible and can be promoted by an affiliate marketer of any level, there is a catch though! In order to promote this affiliate program you either have to have one or both of these:

  1. An e-mail list with Active Subscribers
  2. A website that’s getting a decent amount of traffic

Without traffic, it would be kind of pointless especially considering how easy it is to earn with this affiliate marketing model. I get that but isn’t that for advanced affiliates and marketers, can’t I promote this via paid ads instead? You definitely can, but paid ads are not for the faint of heart, if you have confidence that you’re really good at paid ads then you can use them instead…The website and/or email list are still prerequisites though!


What services does James offer? Can I buy traffic from him & still promote his offer?

Of course! he actually recommends that users buy his traffic, because that makes his affiliate program even better, all you have to do is pay for traffic from his website, then when you get optins and make sales you’re still going to get rewarded for it, with more clicks and commissions! That sounds like a totally rad model to me!

However, I also feel like there are limitations to this type of model of marketing, which are:

  1. If you’re a beginner, & he decides to increase his prices, you’re gonna be on the receiving end of it!
  2. No affiliate marketing training is made available to you.

This is extremely troubling because, if the prerequisites are that you should have a website/blog or an email list, it means you must have some knowledge of SEO or at least know how to build an email list. However, training for this, is not provided.


What Are Some Of The Problems You May Encounter When Trying To Promote This Program…

Like I said, you must have a basic knowledge of SEO and affiliate marketing as these are prerequisites, but these are not the only ones! what else could present a problem to you as a marketer if you attempt to apply for his affiliate program? Well, here’s a list:

  • Traffic must be super-targeted(USA, CA & UK)
  • Solo ads can get expensive over a long period of time.
  • Prerequisites are not easily met – SEO is an acquired skill, and people usually need to have some sort knowledge of it
  • There is a minimum withdrawal of $10
  • No training
  • Manual approval takes some time.
  • Other countries are not considered

This can program can be a bit difficult to promote, more especially if you’re looking to create a passive income using this affiliate program, because let’s face it this is one of the fewest PPL model in the MMO niche, there aren’t many of those around anymore.


What Are Some Of The Perks Of Using This Program?

There are definitely a lot of perks that come with promoting James Jordan’s affiliate program such as:

  • For every lead you send, you get 3 extra clicks
  • The minimum withdrawal is relatively low
  • Pay only for unique clicks
  • 10% over-delivery on all purchases (value for money)
  • Send only top-tier traffic.
  • Cheap clicks(only $0.44c)
  • Responsive list
  • Anyone can join his affiliate program(so long as they meet the prerequisites)


There are more perks, let’s just focus on the main ones! This alone shows the value that his solo ads offer, this is sweet & all, but the cost can add up quite quickly, do the math!


What Do I Think Of The System As A Whole?

Personally, I think that this system is quite unique in that their affiliate program is very beginner-friendly, that is of course once you qualify to become an affiliate!

It can generate consistent income if done right, plus all you have to do is get James the lead and he does the selling & following up with prospects for you, so it can be quite a lucrative program to promote…

I think by now, we’ve all figured out that this program isn’t a scam, so here’s my verdict on this program:


Anyway, let me know if you have encountered another Pay-per-lead affiliate program lately, and I’ll definitely review it, also make sure you share this post on social media or drop me a comment down below. Kay out 😉

4 thoughts on “The James Jordan Affiliate Program…$2 Per Lead?

  1. Interesting. Although, I have some questions :

    – I’m not sure I understand how the money is made if it’s a free affiliate program, where does the money come from?
    – How come beginners can use this if you need consistent traffic and an email lists of subscriptions to be accepted in the affiliate program?
    – Do we know how many users are using it?

    Except these littles questions, I think it can be a legitimate way to add another source of income in our pockets. Every way to make money should be taken with great consideration.

    Thank you for this review, I had never heard of this before and I’ll consider it for when I’ll have a better amount of traffic on my website.


    1. Hi Audrey,

      I totally understand where you’re coming from, but the money comes from James Jordan’s own pocket, he’s willing to pay you for the leads. He knows it will pay for itself in the long run because the leads are in his autoresponder, he knows he’ll be able to provide a lot of value to them, that they’ll likely turn into paying customers and because of the nature of the traffic he sends he knows people are much more likely to trust him after their first purchase and that they will more likely buy from him again.

      He also has a lot of optins on a daily basis because he has a lot of affiliates promoting his product for him! He has multiple huge lists meaning he himself is making sales consistently.

      As for the email list/website, it is kind of like a litmus test to see if you will promote his product effectively, and that you will not send bot traffic to his product, just so you can make the $2 optin commissions.

      Hopefully, this was able to shed light and quell any questions you may have had regarding this program. And as always thanks for taking the time out to check this review out!

      -Kay 😉

  2. Kay, this review was on point! I’m actually interested in his affiliate program now. Yeah $2 doesn’t sound like much, but beginners make around that with the Amazon affiliate program too… and on Amazon you actually have to SELL something. With this it’s just a lead, so that’s really cool for anyone starting out who wants to make some money fast.

    One question though: Do you get $2 per confirmed lead PLUS 10% commission on every sale through that lead? Or is the “10% over-delivery on all purchases” just for buying solo ads from him?

    1. Hi James,

      I totally agree with you man, this affiliate program is actually one of the few still available, this can type of model can be especially scalable with pay-per-click campaigns.

      And yes, you also make a commission on the actual sales made through your affiliate links, depending on the plan, it’s on a per plan basis, but you receive 10% on the type of solo plan purchased, there are a number of plans, you can check them out here (make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page).

      The over-delivery is for anyone that also purchases a plan, even if they’re not affiliates, but people just looking for a decent amount of traffic. BTW thanks for asking me that question, it really helped me clarify how this program works.

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