What Is Google Sniper 3.0? Is it still relevant?


So Who Founded This Affiliate Training Program?

This is an affiliate marketing program called Google Sniper, it was updated to Gsniper 2.0 & the later to GSniper 3.0 I think 3 years ago! This is what made me to start losing interest in this program in the first place, the fact that it never gets updated anymore, I mean, if it doesn’t get updated what about Google’s latest updates especially the more recent unnamed one? Does it keep up? Or is training their immune google’s updates? We’re going to have to look into this…

So who founded this elaborate training program? Well, long story short his name is George Brown. He is a product creator who initially founded this program in 2013, but it really caught on in mid-2014, it was the very first training Screenshot-52that introduced me to the concept of affiliate marketing…


In some ways, it was a blessing in disguise for me as it propelled me to start investigating what affiliate marketing entails, the different aspects of it such as: affiliate networks, traffic, and building a website.


So the thing about George Brown is that he’s an internet millionaire, probably one of the youngest,however, the guy in his sales page makes some very unrealistic claims, such as: “you will make YYYY amount of money in YYY space of time, working this YY hours a day”, and we all know that it’s not true! Affiliate marketing is very volatile and what worked then won’t work now!

So basically what he’s done over the years is that he’s made some very interesting things with his course, he just added some minor updates then, rehash his content and add a new label on it, then resell it as a new product, I really did not like that. If his product loses its status as the once highest ranked product in ClickBank 3 years running, it will be a downward march from there.


So what is Google Sniper and does it work?

You see, normally that question would be easy to answer but that is not the case with Google Sniper, there are a number of things that set it apart from the scams, but there are also more unexpected downsides to this program and their training, because:

  1. Google sniper has worked in the past.
  2. It is still in the Clickbank Marketplace.
  3. Now it is starting to be deemed a low-quality product (gravity in the CB marketplace has decreased to 1.54)

There are affiliates who were former students of the course who feel that, although this program was one of the leaders in the affiliate marketing industry, it has now dropped the ball in regards to its relevance as an affiliate training platform.

The lack of updates being a major contributing factor to the steady decline in the number of people opting in to promote it, and the number of negative reviews that are just coming up on the horizon are not exactly helping their situation. Google sniper almost on its last leg!

And by the way here’s what I think in regards to google sniper, I think the service could have been better, and I’m speaking this as a witness to back in 2014 when it was still the bizniz, everybody wanted to promote it, people even bought into the program just so they could promote it…

Well, gone are those days now! You can simply log into ClickBank and start promoting GSniper & considering that CB doesn’t need product creators to manually approve affiliates, it’s as simple as picking a product to promote. My overall assessment on whether GSniper works is this, some techniques are still quite relevant, like building a website, content creation & keyword research – those are absolutely foundational to every online business!


Google Sniper’s strictly on-page SEO VS Off-page SEO

You see with GSniper there is no off-page SEO whatsoever, excuse me? Do I think off-page SEO is important? of course it is!

There are a number of benefits you can get from the search engines, for doing some off-page SEO, I mean you don’t necessarily have to go begging for comments and asking to do guest posts, but a bit of tailwind or viral-content-bee won’t exactly kill your SEO intents.

It won’t have any adverse effects on your website’s rankings. It would rather contribute towards that goal!


So what’s their training like? And what can I expect from this course?

Here’s the outline for the sniper course, considering that you bought into all these different upsells, this course is divided into 4 different modules, in this order:

  • GSniper Course
  • The Bulletproof manual – this is a module about the overall course
  • Sniper X Training
  • Sniper Cash Machine
  • And the Rolodex

GSniper course – is also divided into a few other modules, such as :

  1. More video training – a collection of 7 videos delving into
  2. Bulletproofing – this is where you supposedly try to avoid getting your website penalized by the big G’s Penguin & Panda updates.
  3. Empire module – which he offers as a bonus module to his students

Sniper X Course – Focuses on various ways to drive traffic to your site, and also how to build backlinks to your new website(backlinks are a ranking factor, but do it naturally with high PR domains, like DISQUS, etc).

Cash machine – this module of the course is meant to help you set up successful pay-per-click campaigns on various social media platforms, but the catch is to not spend too much on campaigns.

Rolodex – This is mainly for beginners and people that are getting started online, it will take them through the basics, such as choosing a niche to promote and selecting affiliate network, but focuses mainly on ClickBank.


Anyways, you can technically still earn some money with google sniper 3.0, but if you don’t want to run the risk of your online business getting hit by another google update, I would recommend you buy a better product like Super Affiliate System, or…

You can just purchase it anyways – if you’re interested, although I don’t recommend it!


How much can I expect to pay for GSniper?

I’m personally not a fan of upsells, but GSniper has quite a number of them, of which, I’m not a fan! Here are their different price points that you can expect to pay:

  1. You’ll get a 7 day trial for a $1 the 47/mo on the front-end
  2. You’ll also get another upsell to sniper X which is $197 if you proceed you will be down-selled to $97
  3. Case Study which also costs $97 once-off


As you can see that are some annoying shenanigans going on right after purchasing your initial $47/month membership, some other products are imposed onto you & since some of the important concepts of the training are in the sniper X and case study, you won’t have a choice but to buy them, it’s a common upsell technique.


What did I like about this course? It stands out from the scammers & what they teach

The course itself is not a get rich quick scheme, but the way it is marketed, is what makes me have some reservations about it:

  1. It has useful information
  2. Teaches you how to build a website
  3. How to set up profitable campaigns(with a relatively low budget)
  4. Has video and PDF lessons, to make it easier to follow
  5. It has a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  6. You can try it for $1
  7. Monthly webinars

As you can see it’s not all that bad, but there some aspects of this course that I found quite annoying, namely the upsell & lack of updates. All in all, it is a solid product.


What are my reservations about the course? These really annoyed the heck out of me…

This course, however, like many others did have a few things that left a bad taste in my mouth, and here they are:

  • Compromised on quality in the 3rd installment.
  • Sporadic updates
  • Many upsells
  • Sales have dropped (no more demand for this product)
  • It’s not specifically evergreen

Among other things, these were the things that got up my nose.

Anyways, I think it’s a product that still has some worth, but it still hasn’t caught up with the times!


Now for the Verdict? My favorite part of the reviews…

As you can see for yourself, the pros outweigh the cons, this is a plus in my book, plus it employs a number of ways in which you can go through the training, via PDF or video. Here’s my verdict of this program as an online training platform:
Anyways let me know what you guys think, and what your experiences have been with the program by simply dropping me a comment below, and I’ll definitely get back to you. 😉

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