What is Pay-Per-Click? Pros vs Cons

This is a way of advertising wherein a person or organization pays a search engine a specific amount, based on how much the person or organization bid for a particular keyword to get website visits, rather than waiting for their website to first gain traction on the search engines.

Pay-per-click advertising is also not limited  only to search engines, there are a number of platforms that are also offering this type of service such as facebook, twitter, taboola & propellerads, etc. What you need to understand especially is how to bid for keywords that are relevant to your niche because that will not only get you higher rankings, but you will also pay a lower cost-per-click (CPC).


How can I create a pay-per-click ad? How much am I going to need?

Usually, a pay-per-click ad would require you to have about $100-$200, these are recommended amounts although not necessary, the reason being that they give you more room to experiment and optimize your ads, but this in itself is also dependent on a number of factors, such as:

  • How well your ad converts
  • How useful it is to the people who click on it
  • How much you bid on it & much you earn per click

People usually find this tricky especially when it comes to bidding for a particular keyword what does this entail? You should bid for keywords that are super-targeted, do not focus on how much traffic it gets per month, you should focus on how well your traffic will convert to buyers.

This is where the earnings-per-click(EPC), not to be confused with email-per-click(EPC) campaigns will become important, because now what we focus on, will be the quality of the leads and not the quantity…


The Quality VS Quantity Phenomenon Explained…

You may find that in your strategy you are searching for “affiliate marketing ebook” and find that it has a search volume of 15000 a month, that’s a pretty staggering number, but your ebook is a “super affiliate ebook” you find that the keyword has a search volume of around 300-500 people a month which keyword do you think you should go for?


Well, obviously the one with the lower search volume, because while the former has a large search volume than the latter, the latter is a lot more targeted than the former, makes sense? So now, it is not about how many people you can get to your squeeze page, it’s about how many of those people will actually earn you a commission.

Also, you must be smart in your bidding, for example, if you’re bidding for a keyword focus on the two extreme pricing points which are, the highest bid VS the lowest, then bid for something in between, not too low, but then again, also not too high.


The Tools I’m Going To Need In Order To Get Started…

In order to get started setting up your first campaign you’re going to be needing a number of tools, but don’t worry these are free, well, of course, there is the actual paying of the clicks to your website/squeeze page. As a matter of preference, I would encourage you to use a squeeze page because that way you’ve captured the user’s details and you can follow up with them using your autoresponder & convert them to buyers. By the way…

Here are some of the tools we’re going to need:

  • Ubersuggest by Neil Patel – Keyword tool
  • Google ads – an ad network
  • Budget(anywhere from $50-$200, $100-$200) recommended.


When we have all these basics, let’s try to conduct keyword research as this is key to understanding how well a keyword will perform when juxtaposed to related keywords, how much has been bid on it

  • Since Google is the largest search engine, we’ll be focused on creating ads using it.


As you can see it is very simple to set up an ad campaign on google ads, but there are also some disadvantages to setting it up, as with any business, there are risks involved.
What are the CONS of setting up an ad campaign?
Setting up a google ad campaign is not without its disadvantages, the disadvantages of this are that there is money involved and as such one should be very invested in making that relevant and must make sure that it targets the right people
  • If an ad does not target the right audience you will lose money
  • You will pay higher if it does not convert well
  • It can cost you more to drive traffic via PPC.
  • When people are not searching for the product you won’t get significant results.


These are some of the things to consider before even attempting to create an ad campaign, although the results can be instant, you should also invest money you can afford to lose, because you do not know how your ads will perform that is why thorough research is essential…if you are already ranking high for that keyword, that makes it simpler because you already know your audience and which keywords convert well.


Advantages of Setting up a google ad campaign

Although the money factor to google ads affects a lot of people, because:

  1. People do not like to lose money
  2. We usually want to see a ROI on any investment, no matter how small.

That is why most people choose to stick to forex and the like, because of the almost instant nature of the results, although google ads can produce some instant results it does not necessarily mean that your website or squeeze page will be dominating the search engine because there are a number of things that we must understand:

  • Domain score – how well established is a website ranking for that same keyword?
  • Competition – how many people have bid on the same keyword and for how much

Once you have this you must also know which keyword your website is using to dominate the search engines, then leverage it if you can, when you do this you will see a steady increase in traffic. And…

  • You will pay less for clicks
  • Higher ROI
  • More traffic to your website means = higher domain score
  • Scalable once you get it right. (invest more to earn more)

You see daunting as optimizing a google ad may be, but once you know what you’re doing, and get it right, I can assure that it can earn you revenue consistently without even touching your website, and you’ll continue to get traffic every day.

Anyways let me know what you think in the comments section…which questions did you have that you felt I did not answer, and please don’t forget to share on social media. Kay out. đŸ˜‰


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